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  • This classy piece of handcrafted Necklace is a marvelous piece of Fine Fashion Jewelry created by the finest jewelry craftsmen of India. The Necklace consists of Lab Created Zircons, (also referred to as 'Lab created diamonds' or 'Cubic Zirconia' or Cz) and each of these Zircons are set in a 'diamond setting', which means that each stone is pronged from 4 sides. You will probably need a magnifying glass to see how our craftsmen have studed each of these stones so intricately. The base metal is Brass which is an alloy of Copper and certain other metals. Zircons used in this necklace measure between 1 carat to 3 carats in size. The necklace is super light and does not feel heavy. 22 Carat Gold Plating/ Rhodium Plating is done a long lasting through a hign end electrolating process to give each necklace a long lastng shine. Preseve it well and it will last for a generation !
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