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Know about CZ and AD

What is Cz or AD Jewelry ?

 Cz or Cubic Zirconia Jewellery which is also known as American Diamond or AD Jewellery in India, is a type of Imitation Jewellery that is made with Lab Created Gemstones called Cubic Zirconia. Both Cz and AD or American Diamonds are the same. Kindly note that these are not real ‘Zircons’ which are mined gemstones.

Cubic Zirconia crystals are made by melting powdered zirconium and zirconium dioxide together and heating them up to 4,982ºF.  It is technically Zirconium Oxide and is made in crystalline form for use in Jewellery.

Both Cz and AD or American Diamonds are the same. Kindly note that these are not ‘Zircons’ which are mined gemstones.

While white colour AD / Cz is the most abundantly used, Green (which are made to look like Emeralds) and Red (which are made to look like Ruby) are also very common. Other colours include Blue, Black, and Champagne etc. While White is crystal clear Green and Red Cz stones are manufactured in a slightly translucent form to give them the look of real Emeralds and Rubies (which are seldom available with full clarity).

Theses stones are hard and much superior to other ‘glass’ stones used in other forms of Imitation Jewellery. They can withstand the tough heating conditions which are necessary in the manufacturing process of AD / Cz Jewellery. They are made to bear a heat of 750 degree Celsius without affecting the shine and lustre of the stone.

Even Swarovski crystals are Cubic Zirconia stones, but the cut and polish of Swarovski stones are superior to normal Cz Stones commonly used by Manufacturers.

Following are the details of Zirconium Oxide or Cz / Ad stones:

Chemical Composition: ZRO2

Refractive Index of 2.5 to 2.8.

Melting Point: 2700 degree Celsius.

Hardness of 8.5 on Moh’s Scale which means they are harder than many gemstones.

Dispersion or ‘Fire’: 0.065 more than a diamond which is 0.044.


How is Cubic Zirconia Jewellery different from American Diamond or AD Jewellery?

Cubic Zirconia and American Diamond is technically the same thing. Why they are called American Diamonds is an interesting story. 

Initially, a few decades ago, USA developed the technology to manufacture lab created diamond look-a-like stones from Zirconium Oxide. They started to manufacture them in large quantities. Thus they named American Diamonds.

But later China, Taiwan and South Korea also developed this technology and started to manufacture them at a much lesser price. They refused to call it ‘American Diamonds’ ( for obvious reasons) and instead choose the term Cubic Zirconia which was more close to the ‘Generic’ name Zirconium Oxide. Since then, they came to be known as Cubic Zirconia which is a more relevant term.

Presently these stones are manufactured in China, Taiwan, India and South Korea.

However in India the Jewellery Craftsmen who have been using theses artificial semi-precious gemstones since the days they were produced in USA, they still prefer to call them American Diamonds or AD, just as a result of habit.



About West Bengal's Jewellery and lineage of the 'Bengali' Craftsmen:

CZ Glam is located in the state of West Bengal, in India. West Bengal has a very important role in the International Jewellery Industry.

The Jewellery Craftsmen of Bengal are famous for their Jewellery making skills since Centuries. Whether you see a stunning Diamond Necklaces in a New York Diamond Store or loads of Gold Jewellery in the Jewellery Souk of Saudi Arabia and UAE, or exquisite Cz Jewellery in the fine Retail chains of London,- the making of the respective jewellery can be traced to mostly Bengali Karigars (Craftsmen).

As per Industry estimates, about 4 million Bengalis are involved in Jewellery (Gold, Diamond, Silver and Ad Jewellery combined) Manufacturing.  It is a lesser known fact that India’s Gold, Diamond and AD Jewellery Industry comprises of almost 75% 'Bengalis'. They are known as ‘Swarnakars’ or ‘Sonars’ in local language.