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What is the Distributorship Offer of CZ Glam (

Ans:Distributorship is a unique online business opportunity to resell the products manufactured/provided by CZ Glam through your website designed, developed and maintained by CZ Glam on your Profit Margin.


Who is eligible to avail this Offer

Ans:  Anyone who has a bit knowledge about computers and is net savvy is eligible. But the question is who should avail this offer.

There are few criteria if one should follow can definitely avail this offer. They are as follows:

    1. If you are passionate about the online business.

    2. If you can work in a planned and organized way and can execute the plan in your work.

    3. If you do promotion of the site. Here are some means of promotions given below.


A.   Newspaper ad

B.   Professional SEO

C.   Self SEO

D.   Promotion through Facebook or other social media.

E.   Television ad


There may be many distributors like me in our locality (in a specific country) so since the market is very tough so how can we exist there..? 

Ans.- As you are fearing that many distributors in a country may saturate your market. then I would like to tell you that there are many states, cities and towns in one country. If you choose one city in your country then also you won’t be able to reach all people. But here not only you will be able to do business in your country  but also anywhere in the world because your site is not limited to a place or country .It will be displayed all over the world.


If we do not get any kind of business through this website then can we get a refund of the investment?

Ans: No, Once the charges are paid hosting charge, domain charge, website designing charge and database integration charge are non-refundable. 


Do we have to compulsorily keep any kind of inventory? 

Ans.- No, you do not need to keep any kind of inventories.


Do we have to give some specific amount of sales to continue this distributorship? 

Ans.- For the first six month there is no specific amount of sales but after six months you need to place every month at least 250 USD orders.


What are the costs involved? 

Ans: CZ Glam is not taking any fees as distributorship Charge. The amount distributors are paying is the actual charge solely for website designing.

To know the fees please contact to the concerned person.


Are there any other Hidden Costs? 

Ans.-  No there are no hidden charges involved in it. We are charging genuine charges for the site. But if you have any doubts then you can consult any website designing company to get an estimate of website designing cost.



Is that the payment for distributorship is one time affair or is there any annual cost involved? 

Ans.-  CZ Glam is not taking any fee for distributorship.  Charges you will be paying are solely for website designing which includes following costs.-

Designing charges

Hosting Charges 

Maintaining and updating

PayPal Integration

Domain booking charges

There is an AMC (Annual maintanence charge) from the next year, which will be charged. 


What should be minimum order value?

Ans.- Minimum order value for our distributors starts from 50 USD.


In what Price we will get goods from you?

Ans: After getting the distributorship you will get the best rate provided by us. Which will help you to get more profit and sell the items in lower cost than others. (If someone is already getting the best rate then they will keep getting the same rate)


How is the shipment charged?

Ans.- Cz Glam will provide the distributors the actual rate chart provided by the Shipping Companies of DHL & Fedex.. Distributor will be billed on actual Shipping Charges (order value below 250 USD) incurred by CZ Glam. Distributor may request scan copy of the actual Bills provided by the Shipping companies at month end AND CZ Glam will provide the original bill as a proof…But if your order is above 250 USD then the shipping will be calculated as mentioned in our website.


What is the minimum chargeable weight of a shipment?

Ans: Minimum chargeable weight of DHL is 1 Kg. 



How would be the payment procedure? 

Ans: We will integrate your site with your PayPal account so that your customer can directly pay through credit card or debit card through PayPal gateway. But if you want any other payment options then also you can mention that in the Payment option Tab of your website.

Once you confirm payment from your customer then you need to place the same order from our website or whatsapp where you can put the shipping address of your customer. And remit the payment. We will process that order for you and dispatch the order to your customers.


How would the shipping of the items be done? 

Ans: We use Dhl/Fedex courier service as they are the fastest & best.


Can we link the website with my existing website i.e can we give our own domain to design the website? 

Ans.- Yes, you can link your existing website with our jewellery site that we will create with you.


If CZ Glam courier the items to my customers, will that make my customers will know of your location? Will your product contain your tag or your Company Name? 

Ans: We take the following steps to deliver your parcels to your customer without revealing our identity. Please have a look.-

1- We deliver your parcel to your customer with your name and our residential address. The address mentioned on the site will never be mentioned on your parcels.

2- We remove all the products code mentioned over the items.

3- While placing the order for your customer in our site you will get a section of writing the shipping address there you need to mention your customers address with your phone number.

4- As you fear that they will come to know that the goods are coming from India then you can tell them that your manufacturing unit is located in India so you dispatch the orders from India.

In this ways we will help you out in dealing with your customer directly without disclosing our information.


Will the website you'll create for me have my company name as the website address?

Ans: We will design a website for you with your company name and logo and you will be selling the goods by your company name.


How will the funds charged on my website be exchanged? Can I set up my own paypal account to which I only have access?

Ans.- After receiving order mail from the website distributors have to contact the customer for payment. Customer will make payment to you as you wish (as Paypal will be integrated in your website, so they can pay through paypal as well as other modes as per your convenience)

We will take payment from our distributors through the following modes.

  •  Axis bank Wire Transfer.

  •  Western Union ( Receiver’s name and address will be provided through email)

  •  We do accept all major Credit Cards through Paypal..

  • Any other mode of payment can be accepted as per instructions from CZ Glam.


What if the customer received a damaged item or didn't like what they received.. What's the return policy? 

Ans: I would like to inform you that we have three level quality checking before packing the goods so that customers receive the goods intact. However there could be certain circumstances beyond our control where you could receive damaged or defective products. In such cases, it will be your responsibility to let us know about it within 48 hours of receipt of the goods and before using the product. You may return us the damaged goods and we will take effective measures to replace the product to your satisfaction.

Please note that when you send us the goods you will have to bear the shipping cost and when we send the goods back to you after repairing them we will do so at our cost. Please do not request us to change the goods. We can only repair the jewelry and send it back to you. Goods once sold cannot be returned or exchanged...But since shipping the items back to us costs our customers a lot, so we mainly ask our customers not to do so and we replace the items without any cost.


Incase if business doesn't run due to many reasons.. Can I cancel this contract.. What is the cancellation policy? 

Ans.- Distributorship will be cancelled by CZ Glam on following situations:

 1.   If CZ Glam find that distributor is no more interested in business.

 2.   If CZ Glam find the distributor is not responding to customers’ enquiry in a timely manner. Distributor will be initiated once and after 15 days distributorship will be cancelled.

3.   If any distributor finds not profitable business and wishes to cancel by themselves.

In such cases of cancellation CZ Glam can award the domain to any other distributor. The new distributor may contact any of the past customers of the distributor.


Once I sigh up how long will it take to develop the web and get started?  

Ans: If you sign the agreement and remit the payment we will start processing your website and It will take one week to develop and get started.


If the customer places an order which account the money will go in how will it be processed from there? 

Ans: If the customer places the order it will be credited to your account as we will link your Paypal account with your site. After confirming the payment you need to place the same order in our website using your user id and password. Then we will process the order and dropship to the customer.


How about tax .. I have to file tax on all items sold.. Will I get an invoice for all items purchased n sold? 

Ans- There is 99% chances that you don't have to pay import taxes. 

Yes, we will give you the actual invoice of all the items you will purchase from us and also the scan copy of the invoice.


How long will it take a customer to receive their order? 

Ans- After receiving the Order and Payment from the Distributor, CZ Glam will dispatch Distributor’s goods within 1 to 2 working days, either directly to the distributor or to distributor’s customers  (as instructed by the Distributor). Dhl will take 4-5 Days to deliver the good.


Will you drop ship for us?

Ans.- Yes, we will drop ship the items to your customers on behalf of distributors in their company name. We will also provide you the tracking Id so that you can give that to your customers


Is there any Charges of drop shipping?

Ans.-  There are no additional charges of Drop-shipping. You need to pay for only Shipping charges and the shipping will be charged on the volumetric weight on the orders less than 250 USD. We will charge the same what DHL will charge from us so we will provide you the DHL rate chart.


How will shipping charges be on the distributor's site?

Ans.- You need to add the shipping charges in the prices of items as there is no option to calculate and add shipping automatically on our distributor’s site but very soon we are going to add these features.


How much will be our profit in percentage and is there Limit for minimum purchase? 

Ans.- The profit is completely dependent to you. You can set the price of individual product groups as you please. Meaning if you want to have 100% profit in necklaces but you want 200% profit in finger rings you can do that. You can have as much profit as you like or think will be competitive.


Can't pay the total amount in one time? Can I get the installment facility?

Ans.- Yes surely you can. For more details please contact Sourish Mukherjee (+91-7001602473)